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Brain Evolution System

Product Name: Brain Evolution System, also known as BrainEv
Produced by: Inspire3
Entrainment Method: 3P DEAP
What do you get: 6 x 30minute MP3 audio tracks
Purpose of Entrainment: Meditation & Brain Gym
Background Music: Nature Sounds (Rivers, Rain)
Cost: $299 (3 x $99 monthly payments)
Free Trial: 1 month
Guarantee: 7 month money back guarantee
Website:  BrainEv

The unique feature of the Brain Evolution System is the 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P DEAP) used as its entrainment method.

3P DEAP combines Binaural Beats, Isochronic tones and temporal brainwave entrainment into a single track. By matching all 3 methods to the same target frequency this overcomes the weaknesses of each individual entrainment method, and also allows the brain multiple paths on which it can entrain.

These three entrainment methods are then layered to allow multiple concurrent frequencies to be presented to you at one time. This is the way your brain naturally produces your brainwaves; although one frequency might be dominant, it is always mixed in with a number of other frequencies that are generated simultaneously.

Using multiple variable frequencies like this ensures that your brain is entrained in a way that matches genuine complex brainwave patterns. The graph below shows a simplified 'Entrainment Map' of how these different frequencies are applied across the program.


Brain Evolution System Entrainment Map


Together these combinations of entrainment methods and layering of multiple frequencies increases the effectiveness of the entrainment process, meaning it is easier and faster to reach the desired mental state.

The evolution of these complex patterns as you move through the levels also means the Brain Evolution System isn’t just a traditional ‘meditation style’ entrainment program, it is more like workout for your brain.

Taking you through progressively more challenging entrainment tracks will gradually give you increasing control over your states of mind. As a result people who regularly complete the daily 30 minute sessions report a wide range of cognitive and psychological benefits.

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